Brian Life, A creative soul from birth, he continues to express himself through various visual platforms: Traditional drawing, conceptual art, painting & illustration, Digital Painting, 3D modeling and sculpture in Zbrush, airbrushed fine art, graffiti murals, design. branding and apparel design and even music production. Practicing graffiti in the early 90's he began to sign “Life” to his work. Self taught in fundamental drawing skills, he continued to broaden his visual language at the Art Institute of Boston also studying in Florence Italy & New York.

  In 2008 Brian Life digitally Illustrated over twenty portraits of the main actors, from the movie ‘GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra’,  These illustrations were used for the package design of the Hasbro toy figurines. You can find his artwork on hip hop album covers by Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Virtuoso, DJ JS-1, Kool Keith and others. He has also designed apparel for Mark Ecko Enterprises and Illustrated a game cover art, for Sony PlayStations "B-Boy, the game". Currently he is a freelance artist, working on fine art projects, furthering his 3D sculpting and working on commissions of interest that push boundaries and expand his skill set.